Brewed And Canned - Execute The Innocent

With sheer brutality and wrath came Brewed And Canned to greet 2014! "Execute The Innocent" is their first full length since 1998 when they first got together. Since 1998 they released 3 demos and that was it, till now! "At last someone did understand" claimed their singer when Blacksmith Records signed the Austrian war machine! Those guys seem to spend a lot of time and thought all those years on this full length. It should be true and relentless, and how could it be anything other than that, if we take under consideration that the core of this band are two twin brothers fightin the good fight together since 1998!

So… what we have in front of us is a well played rough example of brutal death metal. "Execute The Innocent" consists of 10 songs of a medium length of 2:30 minutes. The perfect duration for a song that belongs to brutal genres, as it does not get tiring. Their style brings a lot of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Malevolent Creation and in general, bands that used to make this entire seen happen. You can find almost every death metal beat in this one. From the blasting moments of 'Multiple Bone Injection', to the more groovy 'Behind 8 Doors' and so on. No matter what the tension of each song is though, it all ends to sheer brutality! The guitar riffs are sharp when not groovy, leading to a very versatile drumming performance, binding the parts together. The bass guitar is fat and heavy, following the lead of the riff but also attached to the drumming. All these, along with the growling-angry vocalist, and the awesome production creates a really interesting piece of brutal-groovy death metal.

A really versatile band, as there are songs in there almost for every death metal fan. Cos when we say versatile don't think for one moment that these guys are playing music for soft ears. Brewed and Canned's approach to death metal is to take their worst and slam it on the poor listener. Either we're talking about blastbeats, or groovy interleaves. These guys reek brutality and know how to serve it well. 10 songs of pure savagery from those Austrian crazies. The artwork of this first full length is minimal and raw. In red tones, a girl is brutally defiled. Fitting for the horrendous savagery that this full contains. A perfect example of an awesome first full length even if it took some time to boil. It was worth the wait.

  1. Multiple Bone Injection
  2. Behind 8 Doors
  3. Harvest
  4. Perverse Reflections
  5. Killfuckfeed
  6. Into Slavery
  7. Execute The Innocent
  8. Breathing The End
  9. Vomiting Liquified Innards
  10. A Violent Maelstorm