Bring On The Bloodshed – Amongst The Ruins

Collaborating a fusion of metal and hardcore, Bring On The Bloodshed hail from The Netherlands where they bring forth their latest offering "Amongst The Ruins". Straight off the bat, the production on this is loud and intrusive, with the blaring sound of distorted instruments filling your listening space with chaos, is this a good thing? It most definitely is! This huge sound combined with the roaring ferocity of each of the band member’s craft, creates this gargantuan power that isn’t shy on demolishing the listener’s ears with full frontal metal. It is professional to say the least, it is a sound that captures metal’s brutality in a clean but still raw way. It reminded me very much so of the monster that was Hail Of Bullet’s "Of Frost And War" released back in 2008, where the production was so loud and monstrous, it was a literal beast living in the sound files. So when compared to this release, I am fairly sure that beast has now found a new home.

Bring On The Bloodshed play a fusion of metal and hardcore, we’ve heard this deal before right? Yes we have, however this time it’s done in a different manner. This album feels and sounds like a straight up metal album, except with the breakdowns and occasional vocal influences from hardcore/deathcore etc. With most bands doing this style, I tend to find the bands to be a hardcore band with metal influences, but in Bring On The Bloodshed’s case, this feels to me, like a metal band with hardcore influences. Of course I could be babbling on, however for me, this was an original take that I heard from this combination, so praising definitely goes towards the albums musical repertoire. When you take into consideration how meaty some of these breakdowns are, you really begin to appreciate the fusion that is done so well.

Bring On The Bloodshed are a band that took me by surprise, going into the band thinking it was a straight up metalcore release, to leaving finding out it was much more than that. Even if you don’t like hardcore, I recommend checking out this release, as for lovers of the two genres mentioned, this should be in your collection right away. For fans of Hail Of Bullets and Hatebreed.

  1. Redemption
  2. We Are The Fearless
  3. Into The Labyrinth
  4. Bleed To Death
  5. Bitterness Of My Soul
  6. Ashes
  7. When All Hope Dies
  8. In The Hands Of Judas
  9. Pain To Come

Nocturlabium Records
Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold
Jan 13, 2016

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