Bring Your Own Knife - End

Bring Your Own Knife is a pretty young band from the town of Motala, Sweden. It was founded back in 2006 and these guys released a self-financed demo called “Regrets From Inner Void” a year later. Well, I don´t know this demo, so I´m unable to say anything about the bands musical progress, but what I´ve heard on “End” is a double-edged case. Bring Your Own Knife is certainly inspired by some graduates of the Gothenburg school of Metal and the melodic and harmonic guitar tunes sound like thought-out embellishments and ambitious string abusing. On the other hand the band tries to combine the typical Metalcore trademarks like breakdowns and dull, predictable riffs with the good beginnings. I have to say quite honestly, this doesn´t fit the melodic Death Metal parts very well and derogates the general impression of this full length album. Another point of criticism is the poor and pressureless sound quality which paralyses the whole listening pleasure. The vocalist sounds like almost every other melodic Death Metal vocalist and offers just a few alternations. I won´t say the vocals are too soft for a band like Bring Your Own Knife, but a bit more filth and force would surely enhance the songs some more. This album was released at least 10 years too late to be really impressive and pathbreaking, because a lot on “End” has been done a thousand times before. Sometimes better, sometimes of the same value. Seems like this melodic Death Metal / Metalcore hybrid is still insecure about its direction, but I recommend to leave some of the expressionless breakdowns aside to avoid boredom on the next release. But since we´re talking about the bands debut album, there´s still enough time for the guys to choose a straight path and evolve into a worthy ambassador of the Swedish Metal movement.



  1. Preludium

  2. It´s All Lies

  3. Broken

  4. The Burned Beyond Recognition

  5. The Truth

  6. Transcend

  7. Enter Jotun

  8. The Grief Is Sealed

  9. In This Moment

  10. Elements

  11. As We Die

Sleaszy Rider Records
Reviewer: Alex
Nov 8, 2009

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