Brumous - Karma

Experimental Progressive Melodic Death Metal from the USA. Unfortunately Brumous is no longer in existance as such an entity and "Karma" is what was spawned as a side project of the band Frozen Mist which is still in existance (it's music is very much along the same lines as Brumous's "Karma"). Now this aside this unholy creation called "Karma" is definately worth checking out especeally for open minded fans of anything experimental. This album is rough and raw, a lot of aggression mixed in with alot of technical adventure, scary vocals and some cool accrustics. I have found that in listening to this album that it had awakened my negative emotions (in a good way). Very noise influenced and with hints of thrash and even some jazz notes "Karma" stands out on it's own and is not to be taken lightly. Yes this album is very loud and very noisy but there is meaning and alot of thought behind it making it creative art that is unique. On a down note this album looses out in both with the mix and mastering which are not horrible for a self released 2 man project but under different circumstances could have been a level higher and smoother if given the chance. Still "Karma" manages to send thrills of horror through my mind and was totally unpredictable to listen to so I am giving this one a rating of 2,5/5 and am also recomending that you look into the band which gave birth to Brumous which is Frozen Mist.

1. Hellborn

2. Karma

3. Pariah's Quest, Part I: The Birth Canal

4. The Broken Womb

5. A Dilemma Strikes

6. Virgin Black Seas

7. Shipwrecked

8. Drowning Paradise

9. Pariah's Quest, Part II: The Defloration

10. Demimondaine

11. 業復活
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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