Brutal Brain Damage - Brain Soup

This is grind godamn it, this is grind motherfuckers, hell yeeeah grind on mofos, and many more shit like that are definitely coming out of your mouth, once you listen to this extremely retarded fucks from Portugal! Damn it what the hell is wrong with these people? It just grabs your face, shoves it down the mud and starts pounding you relentlessly for about 25 minutes until there's no more of you left! "Brain Soup" is their official release for 2012 and first full length and I gotta tell ya. Watch out for these lads here! No one's joking when it comes to Brutal Brain Damage. Only them. And you can see the sense of humor everyone loves in grind bands everywhere on their music!

From an awesome intro where a guy asks Jesus where he is going and fucking Jesus answers he is going to kill him self! To song titles as 'I scream milk', or 'Ten Ten'. A short intro with heavy guitars kind of takes you to the mood. The continuation of this CD is relentless. Songs short in length, full of sickness, guttural vocals, blastbeats and a ferocious performance in general, by a band, that knows really well how to mother-fucking-grind, have the effect of a nasty tequila shot mixed with whiskey, rum and whatever else you wanna put in! You just cannot push the stop button for no reason. The whole length of this release is 25 minutes! In 25 minutes you got a large dose of brutality, mixed with rock n roll attitude, and an even larger dose of humor and human stupidity! Just can't beat that!

On the technical matter of this release, I just have to say that those guys know how to play awesome death-grind, the way many bands have played before! You won't see anything new here, as they sure have not invented the fucking wheel again. But seriously! Who the fuck cares? It is this party mode that those bands tend to bring out with their music, that seriously you don't need anything more. Beers, Gore & splatter movies and death grind from Portugal. And that for me is more than I could ask! I mean that is why I like grind bands so much, They don't spend so much thoughts on being original or trying to express inner feelings and emotions, and almost definitely they never get lost on inner thoughts and self character explorations! Things are simple when it comes to death grind, a six pack and of to the studio! And then you got something like "Brain Soup" out, and you just can't understand what the fuck just hit you! 20 Songs with a medium time length of one minute each, create a grind massacre so vast and bloody, it will almost make a zombie apocalypse look like kindergarten. Sink your ears in this feast of brutality and gore lads and you won't regret it.


1. Intro
2. Ten Ten
3. You Must Die
4. Suicide Jesus
5. Shit Happens
6. First Blood
7. Grunt
8. Scum On
9. Sex Ritual
10. Squirt
11. Big Slow
12. Spit Fire
13. Brain Soup
14. See U Later
15. Who Helps Me
16. I Scream Milk
17. Pussy Grinder
18. Wannabe
19. Unleash The Fury
20. W.T.F.!