Brutal Truth - End Time

So did a whirlwind of cheese graters just past by my face or did I just listen to End Time? This record is as consistent as it gets. If you don't pay attention to the tracks changing, you'll feel like your on song 4 and really be on song 8. Cohesive grind is a great description for this album.

At first glance of the cover art and you see that it's spot on with the times. In the corners you have pictures of the oil industry and power lines. A fitting image for a glimpse of the concept of America. In the other corners you have a skeleton wearing a crown. Death is king perhaps? The only answer we can come to in our dreary over industrious lives. The main picture is a grim reaper hand gripping the top of the world. End Time ... period. The first song "Malice" starts out in a fashion you wouldn't necessarily expect from Brutal Truth. It sets the stage for the onslaught that is about to ensue. Very dissonant, mid tempo and interesting harmonics with everyone doing different rhythms. "Simple Math" ... nothing simple about this track. Very techy and crazy blasting. The tone reminds me of the Meshuggah tone but with grind rhythm. Again weird harmonics. The title track doesn't necessarily stand out too much to me but still a solid track none the less. I find it unpretentious to have your title track not take the cake. This track starts out with a Cattle Decapitation grunt vocal style while later in the song he uses syncopated vocals. Some great melodic sliding chords in this one and at the 1 minute mark the riffing reminds me of Blood Mountain by Mastodon. "Fuck Cancer" has great tremolo picking accompanied by in your face blasting. Simply relentless short track that ends with a simple "Fuck Cancer" in a talking voice. "Small Talk" I feel is a homage to their roots here... Hardcore as it gets! "Warm Embrace of Poverty" is a track that really shows you how they take their time with progressing the longer songs. Songs like this make you realize how good their musicianship is. After hearing the longer tracks you understand at that point that Brutal Truth makes a conscience decision to write very short intense tracks. "Gut Check" and "Drink Up" are both doom influenced songs. "Drink Up" even has a stonerish type part in it. The composition is wonderful and its a great way to lead into the final track of the album. Sort of slowing the pace down and setting the stage for "Control Room" I felt the final track was almost like a summary of the entire album. It's really progged out and at times very noisy and dissonant.

Throughout the entire album there are these very unique guitar harmonics that are almost differently approached in every song. Another consistency is the drums. Simply amazing drummer. They really have that blasting and musical rhythm stuff down to a T. It makes you want to break shit and head bang. Another thing that stood out to me was the cutting bass tone. Perfectly placed in the mix to not only add another dimension to the chaos but to really give the tunes a solid bass backbone for the sometimes dissonant guitar or harmonics. Even if your not a huge grind fan I feel anyone with good taste in music should give this album a listen. I mean the entire album not just a few random songs. Just hit play and start playing Final Fantasy. You'll be sucked into a vortex of proficient song writing and excellent musicianship. Cheers and prepare to look up at your body as your face slowly falls to the floor like shredded cheese falls to a pizza.

  1. Malice
  2. Simple Math
  3. End Time
  4. Fuck Cancer
  5. Celebratory Gunfire
  6. Small Talk
  7. .58 Caliber
  8. Swift and Violent (Swift Version)
  9. Crawling Man Blues
  10. Lottery
  11. Warm Embrace of Poverty
  12. Old World Order
  13. Butcher
  14. Killing Planet Earth
  15. Gut-Check
  16. All Work and No Play
  17. Addicted
  18. Sweet Dreams
  19. Echo Friendly Discharge
  20. Twenty Bag
  21. Trash
  22. Drink Up
  23. Control Room

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Oct 2, 2011

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