Brutalcore/Gore Obsessed - 2 Bone Chilling Shockers

This is a split released by Extreminal Productions of Turkey and a cracker of a release it is too! The first 4 tracks are from Turkish Death Metal band Brutalcore who I know very little about but who I do now and they are a good outfit indeed! This release kicks off in great style with the track “Collapsed Towers” which has some great drumming before we get an all out onslaught of heavy riffing guitars! Hains’ vocals for this Istanbul outfit are a mix of  pig style squeals and some deep growling and work really well on their tracks. The fourth track of theirs is a Mortician cover “Dead and Buried”, now I am a sucker for anything Mortician based and it’s no surprise this is my favourite of Brutalcores 4 tracks, there is some great buzz saw guitars from Hakan on this track. This is a good taster from this Turkish band, one too watch!

The next 7 tracks are from one man Death Metal outfit Gore Obsessed from the Netherlands. Justin the man behind the music has had a pretty prolific career so far with 2 demos, 6 eps and 3 splits out so far. The first track of his part of the release is the excellently titled “Rotting Cunt of a Dead Whore” His vocals on this release have an almost Black Metal feel to them and he has a great growl!!  All the tracks have some good solid riffing on them. He plays a good guitar with an almost punky style to his playing. The track “Bathroom Molester” sums up Gore Obsessed for me with some solid riffing guitar and a very mean menacing vocal. He also does a cracking Mortician cover “Slaughterhouse” which again ticks all the boxes for me!!

Not a poor track on this release, everyone is a goodie and a thoroughly excellent release from two bands I enjoyed very much. Recommended to all.

  1. Collapsed Towers
  2. Zombie Mater
  3. Carrion Kind Of Society
  4. Dead & Buried (cover Mortician)
  5. Rotting Cunt Of A Dead Whore
  6. Four Teenage Fucks & A Maniac
  7. A Case Of Medical Malpractice
  8. Bathroom Molester
  9. I'm A Necrophile
  10. Driller Killer
  11. Slaughterhouse (cover Mortician)

Reviewer: donnieaural
Oct 19, 2011

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