BruuT - Bloodmoon

BruuT from the Netherlands are a new band from the depths of Tilburg that was formed in 2017. All though they are fresh and a new band I can tell you that the members are active in the music scene for ages. Members of the mighty Acrostichon and Crustacean.

The name BruuT means cruel or gruesome and that is exactly what they make. Old school death metal and straight in your face. 4 tracks released on 7inch. Total and pure Autopsy worshipping. The first song ('Bloodmoon') kicks you straight in the face with fast and filthy old school death. No melody just straight in your face death metal. The second song ('Liar') starts more threatening but goes over in the same old school Autopsy vibe, I love it.

The third song begins with an short bass intro and after one round the drums and guitar fall in and then you get the "I have to move my head with the rhythm of the music". The third song ('No Expectations') is definitely my favorite. In my opinion this could easy be an old song of Autopsy that they forgot to release. And they already sing it… no expectations, but they give you an extra Morbid Angel solo just for grabs. Love it!!!.

'Vampire', the last song, is also like the rest straight in the face with some slower passages where the grunts are even more brutal and threatening. The vocals of Corinne van de Brand are more brutal than her time with Acrostichon and that was not a light grunt in those days. The guitar riffs are straight in your face Massacre, Autopsy and Master riffs that sound brutal. The drums are also pounding like a bulldozer. No bullshit or weird tempo shifts just rotten roll drumming.

Production is also straight in your face and very 90's sounding. Is this band original? NO. Do they bring something on the table? HELL YEAH!!! Old school death metal the way old school death metal should sound. Hope that they will make a full length and straight on vinyl!


1. Bloodmoon
2. Liar
3. No Expectations
4. Vampire

Self released
Reviewer: William Nijhof
Aug 21, 2019

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