Buffalo Grillz - Manzo Criminale

Judging from the band's name, these "grillz" can originate from some sunshine state like Arizona or Texas but that's not the case. Buffalo Grillz are from Roma, Italy and "Manzo Criminale" is their statement to the world that Italians know how to grind. Enrico (vocals), Cinghio (guitar), Cux (bass) and Mastino (drums) come from different bands like Dr.Gore, Tsubo and Undertakers so they are far from newbies to the scene. On the contrary the 21 tracks in "Manzo Criminale" are done by good musicians who are capable of playing and furious grindcore with some non-standart ideas. Funny titles like "Dimmu Burger","Linkin' Pork" and "Pig Floyd" reveal some twisted sense of humour supported by grinding drumming (Mastino just destroyes to pieces his drum-kit), speedy guitar riffs and vocals falling in-between the death metal and the hardcore sounding.

But don't expect everything to be fast - Buffalo Grillz have lots of slower and groovy moments that save the album from becoming just another mediocre grindcore record. How good musicians are the guys from the band is obvious from the track "Delitto Al Blue Grind" - great funky melody mixed with grinding outbursts. Other cool ideas are the violins (yes, they use violins) on the above mentioned "Dimmu Burger" or the totally moronic (in the better meaning of the word) "La Canzone Del Sale". The production of "Manzo Criminale" is on a very good level since the album is mixed at the Polish Hertz Recording studio which is home of Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated. So if you are fan of the grinding energy of Nasum and Rotten Sound mixed with the crossover brutality of Ratos De Porao then you definitely should check out "Manzo Criminale". The menue offered by Buffalo Grillz is varied, spicy and really tasty!


1. Intro
2. Linking Pork
3. Forrest Grind
4. Lapo El Grind
5. Manzo Criminale
6. Gux & Gabbana
7. Bufalisimo
8. Sacro E Scrufano
9. Dawson Creek
10. Improvvisation Intuition Casaccium
11. Dimmu Burger
12. Grind Sasso
13. Il Marchese Del Grill
14. Vision Divan
15. Delitto Al Blue Grind
16. Sermonet A Chainsaw Massacre
17. Eau De Vergogn (Raul Bove)
18. Pig Floyd
19. The Truffer (Bonus Track)
20. La Canzone Del Sale (Bonus Track)
21. Outro (Bonus Track)