Burial Remains - Trinity Of Deception

Am I worthy? I'm actually reviewing an album featuring the vocalist from FUCKING FLESHCRAWL!!!!! Well, regardless of that, Burial Remains is about to rip your fucking face off. My opinion is simple - if you're gonna use an HM2 pedal, have the riffs too. Don't let the tone do the work for you. Burial Remains has the riffs and the tone. Making for a lesson in brutality.

I was hyped to be given this supergroup's debut LP, "Trinity Of Deception", to review. The more and more I listen to it, the better it gets. Along with Sven - Wim, Philippus and Danny deliver a crushing album. One that pummels and (delightfully) infects your bloodstream with OLD SCHOOL barbarity.

From the first notes of the opener, 'Crucifixion Of The Vanquished', you know you're about to head into something spectacular. Ferocious riffs, pounding drums, stomach churning low end and hellish vocals. It's got it all. Reminiscent of the OGs....in a great way. They refuse to let up. I refuse to stop listening.

Have I stepped back in time and ended up in Stockholm, with an added touch? Fuck it. I like where I am right now.

After a swift break in between songs, 'They Crawl' blasts into play with the same beast like vengeance as the opener. Fuck man, this is just solid ass old school death metal. Nasty, mean, angry, violent, meaty........THEY CRAWL THEY CRAWL. You gotta give mad props to a DM band that ain't opposed to throwing in a chorus/hook. It definitely doesn't take away from their sheer brutality. I've always appreciated Sven's distinct vocals and approach. He delivers on this album as well. Much like the band as a whole.

That opening riff in 'Burn With Me'. The word "HEAVY" doesn't even do it justice. A quick tease then bam......a chaotic verse riff - d beat grooving to blasting. A vicious whirlwind. STOKED they revisit that opening riff.......and made it a chorus. BOW TO ME. Towards the end of this banger - The drawn out chords layered with an ominous lead and thumping double bass. You feel it's going to fade out a la "Left Hand Path', but the dudes sneak up and quickly attack again....blasting....before closing it out with the instruments stopping and showcasing the intensity of Sven's tortured bellows. BRAVO. This track has taken the "favorite song" title for sure.

What's this? The final track? Their cover of Kreator's 'Tormentor'!!!! I always enjoy when a band takes a song, pays homage as well as adds their feel. That's exactly what they've done. Taken a classic and given it their sound while not bastardizing the original version.

All the memories of being a teen and hearing the pioneers of this sound are coming back. With the Burial Remains touch added, it's an instant classic for any fan of that old school Swedish onslaught we've loved for so 30+ years. Easy plan... This drops - you get it.

Stand out tracks:
'Crucifixion Of The Vanquished'
'They Crawl'
'Burn With Me'


1. Crucifixion Of The Vanquished
2. They Crawl
3. Trinity Of Deception
4. March Of The Undead
5. Burn With Me
6. Days Of Dread
7. Tormentor (cover Kreator)