Buried In Black - Black Death

Definitely an album you won't be writing home about. But instead of me starting with my conclusion lets start here. It's like a metalcore album with strong 90's death/thrash metal influences. Disappointing because it's very simple and has definitely been done before. This album sort of reminds me of Hatesphere. Well composed songs, but not really bringing any new ideas to the table and paired with poor muffled production.

The individual picked notes have that awesome swedish tone to them in the opening track. There's solid, tasteful, oldschool metal solo's with no noodling. They have a consistent old school early 90's death metal tone which is always nostalgic to hear. Skipping to the last track... talk about saving the best for last. The last track is the only one that stands out a bit to me. The song grabs your attention from the beginning with the heaviest part of the album as the first riff. It's a more energetic track with a more interesting approach to guitar riffs. Their music could use more double bass, and some straight up blasting would really create some more intensity. The drummer is pretty reserved the whole album and doesn't ever really blast your face off.

The best thing this band has to offer is really good groove. Almost all the parts you can
bang your fist to. This band has a lot of potential with its understanding of good song writing
and good tone, but I'm interested to hear the next album in hopes of them bringing some fresh ideas to the table to keep me coming back for more. I'm satisfied with listening to this album once. The album keeps moving forward and never really gets stagnant. It's just not something I'm interested enough in to come back and listen to again. I think this album is great for people that are in the process of listening to more extreme genres of metal.

  1. The Bait
  2. Parasite's Paradise
  3. 7.405.926
  4. One Life Left
  5. A Vast Hereafter
  6. Lest We Forget
  7. Act Of Caprice
  8. Godseed
  9. Violand
  10. One Ate Seven

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Oct 25, 2011

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