Burn The Iris – Ionosphere

Belting from Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Burn The Iris ride the train of heavy riffs, technical rhythms and ambience to bring forth their EP Ionosphere. Straight out the gates the listener is greeted with the track 'Demobilization' that showcases an odd time signature groove that instantly grabbed my attention, I could already tell within the first 30 seconds that this was a band that knew their craft. Through all the distorted madness, guitars, drums, bass and vocals are maliciously crushing. Vocals being one of the biggest standout points for me, the singer had a great range from mid shouts reminiscent of Max Cavalera (former Sepultura and current Soulfly vocalist/guitarist), clean vocals and low growls with a stapling death metal impact. This is the kind of range that makes an album that much better, I heavily appreciated the variety of voice on this release so I give major credit to the vocalist of this band.

The song structures approach a longer time with most songs averaging the 5 minute mark apart from the interlude 'Inherit the Earth'. I found this to be a structure of the EP that I enjoyed as so much happened in the songs it didn’t feel like one long drag of progressive nonsense. No, this band doesn’t overdo fancy classical guitar interludes and it certainly doesn’t abuse the ambience factor which can be said against a lot of other progressive metal bands that do this. However, what it does manage to do, is create a crushing album that combines groove, death metal and that progressive metal feel and combine it in to one solid effort. It’s like a collaboration between old school metal and more modern metal with very tight production.

Burn The Iris shoot to score in this awesome EP, it isn’t perfect, but it sure as hell is worth a listen \m/

  1. Demobilization
  2. Prestigious Icarus
  3. Inherit The Earth
  4. Flashflood
  5. Collapse

Self released
Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold
Aug 22, 2015

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