Burn The Iris - Sovereign

It is only once in a blue moon that an EP shows signs of a fantastic band in the works, but it does happen. Burn The Iris are a metalcore band from the Netherlands, but their EP 'Sovereign' makes them more than just the average cookie cutter band. Sure there are the shouted/ grunted vocals, the breakdowns, the catchy riffs, but Iris employ quite a bit in their arsenal that lends from other genres too. "Holding Time" is the only really standard metalcore track on the album, and even then it is done flavorfully well with excellent drum work and catchy rhythms. Think of it as a cross between Shadows Fall and Throwdown. "Old Son" is more progressive with single string work rather than just the rhythmic chugging, and with the vocals as their roar and drone away it almost feels like post metal or sludge metal (thanks to the distortion). Finally, the epic "Sovereign" clocks at about nine minutes and features soft melodic passages amongst the heavier ones still soaked in distortion, and even some 'monk chanting' vocals. One could almost call it 'funeral post sludge,' in the vein of Cult of Luna.

One cannot deny that Iris is talented, and it is even better that they put their talents towards a more unique vision than the standard bandwagon that so many others jump on. Hopefully their full length debut will be just as talented and exciting.

  1. Holding Time
  2. Old Son
  3. Sovereign (Ghost)

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 8, 2011

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