Burn The Mankind - Chaos Matter

"Chaos Matter" is the second EP for these Burn The Mankind, band that come from Porto Alegre (Brazil). Active since 2009, the boys released only one full length in 2015 entitled "To Beyond".

Burn The Mankind play a mix of death and grindcore and this "Chaos Matter" seems to be their best result, both in terms of production and songwriting.
From the very first songs, 'The Red Rise' and 'Sulfur', the band projects us through their music a vision of life made of suffering, death and human decadence.

Very similar in some ways to their fellow countrymen The Ordher, Burn The Mankind wisely measure their dose of brutality through the four unpublished tracks of this EP; The rest is made up of three live tracks.

In my opinion, the influence that bands from South America know how to gather from their land is very marked. All this makes their proposal even more true and much more sanguine.

The idea of ​​including live tracks to show and make people feel the band's excellent skills outside the studio is also excellent. It all sounds bloody grindcore the way we like it.

I hope for a new full length in the future: The expectations are many and all positive.

Do you like Sepultura in death metal version and the latest things done by Terrorizer? Take this album yours. Death metal without compromises! Great record.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. The Red Rise
2. Sulfur
3. Sudden Inversion
4. Weigh Like Lead
5. Lies (live)
6. Sudden Inversion (live)
7. Everyone Is Blind (live)