Burning Butthairs - Impulse To Exhume

Newest effort from these German grinders! Gore-grinding at its goriest! Not only does the band name just fucking rule!!! All this blood-soaked, entrail covered, gutting orgasmic musick comes from one of the countries that banded certain Cannibal Corpse records from being sold in stores! I am glad to see that world is condoning homicidal intent in musick with a shit load of humor! Heavy as fuck-dull chop saw crusted guitars, throaty-guttural vocals as if chocking on putrefied female genetalia, bestial drumming;using the bones of there victims as sticks to impale cymbals and heads. This is musick that Hannibal Lector himself would endorse, and use as ritual musick with that tribe from Cannibal Holocaust! For fans of Carcass, Regurgitate, Gut and any other act that delivers nothing but absolute sickness!


1. Introduction
2. The Homicide
3. Rotten Disfigured Flesh
4. Impulse To Exhume
5. Putrefaction In A Cannibal Tribe
6. Mazzatello
7. Ripping Jack Flash
8. Skinless
9. Pathological Exhumed Meal
10. Cannibalistical Hunger (Devoured Alive)
11. Vomit Bowels
12. Under The White Shroud (In The Cold Chamber)
13. Gory Rot
Nocturnal Empire
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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