But/Insistent - Understrike/Serenity Of Suffering

Two Czech bands reside on this split release and both would be considered as totally battering as I’ll tackle Бут first whose 12 song grindcore contribution begins with 'Zero' and some background noises of sirens and voices give no indication of the detonation that awaits which when it does is nothing short of nihilistic and is followed by the equally intense 'Engines Engulfed'. I particularly liked the vocal style deployed which situates somewhere between a deep growl and a bellow but comes across as formidable and extremely menacing as 'Chasing Bunkers' starts rather calmly which you know isn’t going to last and the speed injection jabs in like a sledgehammer. 'Chain Reaction' and 'Flashlock' are hurled at you like grenades and here I’m of a mind to remind you that the vocals really stand out, being very dominant, forceful with a hardcore like guise as 'Pressure Waves' changes style initially luring you into a false sense of security with its calm riff before trapping you and stamping on the gas. 'Burning Vortex' blasts from the start in proper grind fashion with no let up until the sample at the end as 'Black Rain' explodes and links into the brilliant 'High Degrees Of Destruction' which has a fine escalating build-up, the steady intensification yields for a brutal bass riff and scathing blast; fantastic. Indeed that song creates a triplet that ends their contribution that continues with 'Awakening' that is terrorisingly (yes I made that word up) fast with a blurring cacophonous assault that goes into the finale of 'The Last Signal' which begins with a borderline slam riff that is ultra-catchy with a matching double kick rhythm. The riff break and cymbal smash is cool which I am always a sucker for as the machine gunning blasts are executed mercilessly before the track abruptly stops for it to fade out with atmospherics which would be my only complaint about their contribution to this split otherwise Бут personify grindcore.

Next up are Insistent who six songs may be less but are no less incendiary as the feedback to 'Ease Of Disgust' paves the way for a chuggy riff that almost acts like an intro. The vocals have a deep cavernous drawl as the opener carves a deep gouge into 'Victims Of Hate' which explodes into life. Insistent have a more deathgrind approach to their material with double kick blasting forays as the song unleashes some barrelling bass riffs. 'Cursed' has a slow build to it before the surge in speed with a grisly riff hacking into the track, yet here the track plays around with variations in speed by stripping back into a death metal like sludge speed that a band like Six Feet Under resides within though this is far uglier. The subtly titled 'Rest In Piss' is exactly what you’d expect it to be, it blasts out and here this track sounds a lot like Terrorizer which I’m sure the band won’t mind the comparison to, especially with the very catchy mid-tempo section. The chainsaw riff break is awesome too as 'Before The Flood' ends their songs with a really addictive riff that will sit in your head for days.

  1. Zero
  2. Engines Ignited
  3. Chasing Bunkers
  4. Skyliner
  5. Chain Reaction
  6. Flashock
  7. Pressure Wave
  8. Burning Vortex
  9. Black Rain
  10. High Degrees Of Destruction
  11. Awakening
  12. The Last Signal
  13. Ease Of Disgust
  14. Victims Of Hate
  15. Cursed
  16. Rest In Piss
  17. Serenity Of Suffering
  18. Before The Flood