Byproduct - To Create, Rather Than To Destroy

This band - I can hear strong Hatebreed and Slipknot influence on their sound, but that ain't the beginning and end of it. On "To Create, Rather Than Destroy" Byproduct have got a lot of cool shit going on with some trippy, ambient shoegazer type stuff mixed in with the heavy hardcore and it works very well, adding an extra dimension to what one can expect to hear from a hardcore metal band.

Byproduct started back in 2000 and this"To Create" is their first and only release to date. They've played in good company, bands such as Soilent Green, Lacuna Coil and Goatwhore to name a few, and their material is up on the website for free download. This is a band that definitely could go places with the right support and financing.

Complete release can be downloaded from the Gomek Records site. These downloads include MP3 and art.

1. Blueprint Of An Open Mind
2. Torn, Scarred
3. Absence Of Light
4. Separation From The Ego
5. Time Fades
6. Exploring Infinite Dimensions
7. Social Anxiety Disorder
8. Personal Revelation
9. To Create Rather Than Destroy
10. There Will Be No More
11. The Collapse Of The Tangent Universe
12. Closer To Nothing
13. Lack Of Clarity (Live)
14. Focus And Resolve (Live)
15. Byproduct
Gomek Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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