C-187 - Collision

Surprised is how best I can describe myself on listening to the new/nu sound coming from this C-187 “supergroup”. That due as if I had to opine about this work that welcomes back Patrick Mameli (mastermind of one of my all time fave bands PESTILENCE) along fellow prog-death backline Mr. Choy (ATHEIST, PESTILENCE, CYNIC) & Mr. Reinhert (CYNIC, DEATH, et al), I am still at an undecisive crossroads.

Granted that Tony JJ’s voice (from Swedish M.A.N. and many others) defines C-187’s sound as a rapcore metal band, the downside here is that he is the only one seemingly at home with this style. Also because as hard as they try to take a back seat, there is no way for the musical prowess of the rhythm trio to unavoidably slip through, to the detriment of a missing aggression such a style calls for.

On the other hand, signature Mameli riffs that could have easily found their way on “Testimony of the Ancients” or those beautiful off-hook solos and dreamy guitar-synth soundscapes that seem like unrecorded leftovers off “Spheres” make for C-187 to do welcome Mameli with open hearts and ears.

It is just that this project seems too much where it does not belong to, occasionally a deadlock between MESHUGGAH and BODY COUNT, yet failing to match up to both, as it increasingly oozes of a dilemma between being a forward thinking metal outfit or a cop-killer gansta rap adolescent voice.

Nevertheless, I am sure fans of nu-metal would conceive this differently than I, so I eagerly suggest anyone to listen and opine independently.

On a sad note, 13 years down the line, Mameli’s blogs and his You Tube insert on C-187’s myspace reflect there are some lessons in the industry Mr. Mameli still has to learn. Please Patrick, let your music do the talking not you!!!!

1. Collision
2. Cruisin For A Bruisin
3. Roadblock (D.O.A.)
4. Drugged And Mugged
5. Stalker
6. Murda
7. Homicide
8. P.C.P. (Murda In My Head)
9. Rip Deal
10. Sidewalk Chalk
11. Knee Deep In
12. Life Is Dead
13. Strapped With Heat
14. New Territory

Mascot Records
Reviewer: necrogool
Feb 26, 2009

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