Cadaver Disposal - May All Be Dead

The old school death metal sound is, the sound those bad boys from Duisburg (Germany), seem to appreciate a lot, and eventually we do so along with them. Their aspect of what their music sounds like is pretty clear: old school death metal in the vein of Massacre. In my humble opinion they do more than that but I think you can have a clear view on what you will have to confront, when you purchase "May All Be Dead", which is their first full length and release for 2013. What you won't come up with is definitely a band that has no personal train of thought and is simply a Massacre cover band! No sir! Those guys can really play! And they will prove it to you once you push the play button. Old school death metal riffs swarming through a tight and rough production, striking your spinal, covered with tight old school death metal drumming, filled with clever ideas and getting partially modern, with a fat bass guitar adding the extra weight needed and a vocalist, doing his job with surgical precision, leaving no traces at all and no evidence of a crime to start with!!

I mean, those guys really know how to filter their influences so well, and really know how to create interesting music based on what they like to hear! Of course this whole old school aura will not let anyone untouched, and I bet my ass on that! It is just so good to be left aside, their music is no new stuff to your ears, neither something that will change the aspect you had for death metal so long. It is like they said, just passion for the old school sound, and this is what you'll get to the bone once you start off with it! Mid tempo riffs-hymns to the golden 90s era, filtered in a 2013 wave of brutality, perfectly structured and composed, give their place to raging breaks, sometimes blasty and others just thrash outbursts, leaving no time for the mind to rest! And who needs that after all? The production is on a high level, loud and deliberately not so polished, giving this whole massacre an aura of the old times, when everything was done on tape! Excellent performance by the musicians and a very good duration of this first full length from Cadaver Disposal.

40 Minutes of nonstop savagery fierce and relentless right at your door once you order it. Trust me fellows, not many bands play like this nowadays, and those that choose to do so, are not all as successful as those old schoolers from Germany. So wear your all stars and your dusty leather jacket and get into their zone. Can't beat them!


1. Desert Storm
2. Phobia
3. Contact
4. May All Be Dead
5. Art Of Genocide
6. Last Man Standing
7. Mental Disorder
8. Neglected Bastard
9. Adipocere
10. Hymn To The Remains