Cadaver Disposal - Transformatio Mundi

The german death metal bulldozer Cadaver Disposal has a new album to crush skulls again, “Transformatio Mundi” is the new one, released by Nihilistic Empire records, an album of death metal with some influences, but always within this genre, those influences can be from Cannibal Corpse, Death or Dying Fetus to some modern sounds. Formed in 2010 this is the second after a demo and the first “May All Be Dead”, and as the previous with a heavy and catchy sound, with melodies, powerful parts and a rhythmics to headbanging.

Almost an hour of death metal in 13 tracks, a good intro 'De Pulchritudine Et De Ruinam' ascending towards the first 'Congregation', were we can hear the style of this band with good rhythms and heavy sound. The first band that reminds me is Cannibal Corpse, with a very good production, maybe also Ton or Hidden Pride. In the next 'The Ancient Order' beguins melodic, but follows a Cannibal Corpse style, with some melodic and heavy parts.

'Seven Seals Unveiled' in the same line. After the first riffs of 'A Fateful Gathering' you can hear that it is Dying Fetus influenced (the heavy parts), and very good, after that, a part with double bass and blast beats, very good with an excellent solo. 'Divine Delectation' has slow parts with some industrial sounding and powerful vocals (in the entire album). Here the heavy sound is the boss. 'What Must Never Be Forgotten' has some Swedish riffs very well mixed with the hard style of these germans. 'An Infinite Dream Ascends' is a very good progressive instrumental track. 'Transformatio Mundi', a heavy riffing song of 9 min. 'Failure Of Man', in the line of the heavy riffing of the band, with a little part of guitar melodic tremolo very good. 'Saddening Nothingness', very rhythmic riff, some groovy, with heavy parts. 'Return From Exile', a song with modern metal influences, even industrial. 'Conclusion: Quantum Restat', in the line of the last songs, a good part in the middle old Sepultura sound, good, and after a melodic part.

Well, this is a good album, maybe too long, less songs it would have been maybe more dynamic. Production is perfect, artwork perfect, musicians perfect, veterans of the death metal scene, maybe it was better to release this album as two different albums… maybe.

  1. De Pulchritudine Et De Ruinam
  2. Congregation
  3. The Ancient Order
  4. Seven Seals Unveiled
  5. A Fateful Gathering
  6. Divine Delectation
  7. What Must Never Be Forgotten
  8. An Infinite Dream Ascends
  9. Transformatio Mundi
  10. Failure Of Man
  11. Saddening Nothingness
  12. Return From Exile
  13. Conclusio: Quantum Restat