Cadaveric Crematorium - Serial Grinder

This crematorium is located in Italy and build in 1996. Only one worker survived the years and with four new co-workers the ovens are burning intensively. The fire is fed with rapid pumping irons and the constant lurking for fresh air. Once you are inside this crematorium your soul is catched by the intense heat and struggle for life. You will see that there are 15 ways to die and you can choose by yourself or let the pathologists do their fine job. After so many lives taken the idea of a haunted place is harsh reality and soon the living souls are falling to these serial grinders... Beware!!

1. Valloggia 250
2. Jesus Virus
3. Brixia Chainsaw Massacre
4. Zombie Experiment
5. Family Vivisection
6. Pathologist instability
7. Emorragia
8. Zombies (Odore Di Fame)
9. Paster Of Muppets
10. Serial Grinder
11. 30" To Explode
12. La Vendetta Del Fantasma Serial Grinder
13. Infection
14. Dance Of Maniac
15. Kings Of Farm
The Spew
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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