Caedere - Corruption

Caedere (this is the Latin word for "to kill") is a brutal death metal band from the Netherlands with two full-length albums behind their backs. Their newest release is "Corruption" - a three song EP filled with heavy death/grind influenced by Suffocation, Broken Hope, Internal Bleeding etc. This means a lot of grinding drumming, crushing guitar riffs and deep guttural vocal.

The opening track "Corruption" explodes with sheer furious power reminding of Suffocation and the early Cryptopsy albums. Unfortunately there is one weak point here:the drums are too loud in the mix and the blastbeats deafen the guitar riffs. The following song "Fury Unleashed" is exactly what the title says - a sonic fury unleashed. There is a crushingly slow part in the middle of the song but the good impression is spoiled again because of the annoying sound of the bass drum. The last track "Better Be Deceased" again is a speedy attack with riffs and double vocals (one low and one higher) in the vein of Hate Eternal and Deicide.

he five guys in Caedere know what to do with their instruments and manage to play fast and technical without losing themselves in too much riffing. "Corruption" is a decent release but the sound (especially the one of the drums) could have been much better made. But Caedere obviously is a quality band so if they are preparing a new album - look out for it!

1. Corruption
2. Fury Unleashed
3. Better Be Deceased
Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Apr 20, 2012

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