Caedere - Mass Emission

From Holland comes this brutal death metal band. The songs are fast in the majority but they have lots of tempo breaks and changes. Brutal and deep vocals with high screaming background vocals. Massive drumming and not so far guitarriffing. The songs are not over the top into the extreme but have lots of variation and are compelling sometimes. Nice atmosphere on this CD and so it is just good album!


1. Mass Emission
2. Close to Decomposing
3. Mentally Aborted
4. Rope to Tie
5. Chainsaw Caesarean
6. Corpse for the Theft
7. Human Decay
8. Impaled
9. Rotten to the Core
10. Pleasure of Molestation (cover Hypocrisy)
Goregiastic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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