Caedere - Promo 2007

After their 2003 release "Mass Emission" is became quiet on the death metal front. Playing around kept them alive and in 2007 they release a 3 track promo (also downloadable for their site). With this they are seeking a label as they recorded 8 tracks for their second album. Caedere plays brutal US death metal with mid paced and fast parts through the songs. Gutter vocals, double bass drums and duo threathning guitars are doing the rest. Caedere plays technical very well and the sound quality is oke too but what I miss is a bit unexpected tension. When listening you are waiting for the big BAM but it doesn't come. But I think they are more convincing in the faster parts as they have the capability and skills to go. Like said before go to their site and download this promo and enjoy!

1. Need For Greed
2. Clones Of Industry
3. Scorn
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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