Caedere - The Lost Conveyance

So here's apparently another Dutch band that proves the statement that wants the Netherlands to be a brutality breeder. Caedere (Latin for To Kill) is a band from the Netherlands, active since 2002.  This here is their third full length succeeding two previous ones and two EPs with the last one being in 2012.  So 2014 is the year of "The Lost Conveyance", which is the title of their new full, and as they say it is not just a title but hides a lyrical and musical concept. The lyrical, if I got it right, is futuristic on human manipulation, world destruction and stuff like that while the musical is even more plain and simple. Blasting and destructive death metal following the lead of bands as Morbid Angel, Sinister, Immolation and stuff. Mostly blasted and xtreme but without lacking any leads or groovy parts.

What the boys tried to do here (in my opinion) is to create a connection to music with lyrics. So you must understand that in order to get 100% into this one is to have the lyrics and read the concept in it. This way some moments that seem to be getting a little too slow for death metal, might start making sense. So lyrics in front of me and listening track by track "The Lost Conveyance", I find myself swept away by their blasting moments, but also skeptical on their slow ones. These guys really have potential, and this is something that gets obvious in the way they construct their music. The riffs are there and this new album from Caedere has riffs that give ample space to the drums to work on their speed. And of course this is what the drummer does. Blasting his way mostly but also grooves a lot and thrashes on occasion. The songs seem to have an excellent flow and if you are not intimidated by slow interleaves in music and big songs, then this is a release you definitely need to check. As for the rest of the brutalers who think that death metal over 4 minutes is dull, you might have a problem with this one, as their songs have a minimum duration of 5:30 minutes, and that is something that can wear you down during the whole hearing. I really think that the concept could be given out in smaller songs and that way they could have achieved both the story and also making their songs more intact and cohesive. It seems that after 3 or 4 songs I caught myself a bit skeptical on the length, but anyway this is just a matter of taste.

Production is awesome and of course everything is loud and clear. Tie that with the great bass lines and the awesome growls and there you have it. Not gonna change your world, but I got to give it to the boys, their music packs character.

  1. Corruption
  2. Against Better Judgement
  3. Union Of Substitutes
  4. Uncivilized Order
  5. Facing Reality
  6. Fury Unleashed
  7. Better Be Deceased
  8. Conveyance Lost
  9. Subject To None

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 8, 2014
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