Calcined – Discipline

Calcined is here with their newest full-length album "Discipline". Founded in 2008 Calcined hails from Bulle, Switzerland. They are a four-piece death metal band comprised of Piffeux (bass, backing vocals), Lionel (drums), Magnus (lead vocals), and Jack (guitar). "Disciple" is the second full-length release from Calcined.

"Disciple" takes the foundation of Calcined’s first album "Tormenting Attractions" and continues with roughly the same formula. The first track 'Sit On The Mount Of Fire' seemingly picks up where 'Powerless' and the last album ended. The riffs, vocals, and drums ring very similarly across both albums. This is both a good and bad thing.

Where everything Calcined did right in "Tormenting Attractions" is still present, they fail to add anything new in "Discipline." This leaves "Discipline" feeling like the younger brother that’s stuck in his sibling’s shadow.

That said, I do have to give particular credit to the song 'Tormenting Attractions' as it is a great piece. It has the catchiest, most memorable and groovy riffs of the album. It has the most relentless drums of the album. And lastly, its vocals do the best of carrying the band’s lyrical themes – some of the screams took me back to Stalaggh’s "Projekt Misanthropia".

For the next time, I would suggest that Calcined try to mix it up and add something new. The album, though good, got kind of stale when I gave it my undivided attention. I definitely prefer "Tormenting Attractions" but "Discipline" did earn a spot in my playlist.

Overall the album is neither original nor groundbreaking, to the scene or the band. That said, its steady, mainstream death metal. It goes great as a background soundtrack rather than the kind of album you devote your whole attention to. I would absolutely recommend this album as the soundtrack to changing your oil or replacing your bike chain.


1. Sit On The Mount Of Fire
2. Capricornus
3. McBeth (Act.V SC.1)
4. The Long Horn
5. Nod
6. Morbid Pulse
7. Crown Of Mercy
8. Children Into The Furnace
9. Tormenting Attractions