Calcined - Thwarted

Calcined are a death metal band from Bulle, Fribourg that perform just the right kind of brutal death metal. On their first EP, 'Thwarted' is far from a failure for the band. Short but brutal, it stacks up as a roller coaster ride of metal, taking listeners between fast and slow passages made by mixing churning guitar chugs and extreme grindcore-esque drumming all topped with deep growls that are clear enough not to distort everything else, and vice versa. Tracks like "Infernal Circle" and "Darkened Forest" just tear right through, changing between semi-fast chugging rhythms and machine gun bred drums passages, which sound especially effective when the guitars are opting for their slower chugs. Other tracks like "Neurotic Murder" are more balanced as they switch between speed and more methodical, slower passages. There even is a bit of solo bass work in the middle to build up the suspense before everything explodes again. The slow, crawling pace sounds like a butchering soundtrack and the added in scream samples really set the dark mood of violence altogether. Overall, this EP isn't revolutionary, but off to a great start for Calcined. Fans will really enjoy this if they are into bands like Deeds Of Flesh or Vomitory.

  1. Infernal Circle
  2. Sound Of Death
  3. Neurotic Murder
  4. Darkened Forest

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 2, 2011

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