Calcined - Tormenting Attractions

Raised in 2008, Calcined, death metal band from Fribourg, Switzerland gathers some freaks devoted and passionate by the extreme metal scene. Around Lionel (drums) and Piffeux (bass/backing vocals), quickly the band began to write some old school, chaotic and furious compositions that lead to the recording of an E.P "Thwarted", released in 2011 with Magnus, the new vocalist. Since spring 2013, the band have been working on some new tunes, more rabid but ever driven by pure anguish and dementia than during winter 2013-2014. They began the recording of all of these polymorphic creatures and released their first album "Tormenting Attractions" with 9 tracks more voracious than ever before!

Funeral Passage
The anticipation is almost too hard to bare as this track bulldozes its way into its own obscurity! The twisting rhythms fusing into a malignant tirade of angriness and addictive melodic swagger!

Inner Abyss (The Imperfect Birth)
A lot faster paced for this one – it expands its edge and produces a smouldering ember of viciousness onto the world. Heavier than a ton of lead its carnivorous tongue will eat you alive!

Gazoline And Smoked Bones
Is a razor sharp edged battle field of raging persistence that feels like glass has been embedded into the flesh just for good measure and because they can! So an intense adventure is on the cards with this one.

Led By Voices (All About Ron F)
Gives out a good all-round battering of caustic beats and unruly riffs that tighten round the audial and leaves its mark of raw, pure and unadulterated frenzy.

They Wait In Silence
Brace yourselves for another uncompromising hefty grooving that slices through the jugular along with guttural vocals of extreme pleasure.

“It is a total mind fuck moment you can bask in it or die in it, either way it is a good way to go! So let your hair down and bathe in the beauty of the moment no matter how rancid it is!”

Yggr, The Mountain
Over on the dark side this track catapults a malevolent leaning of extreme seething and ravenous riffs that smother the senses in an all-out brawl of twisting madness.

Neurotic Murder
The imposing madness continues as this track expands with its carnal lust of brooding. Magnified by the heavy secretions it doesn’t give one time to ponder on much as its grouchiness spreads like wildfire.

Roots Above My Head
It is very much like being buried alive but with a dark scathing riff and bludgeoning crazed beats that there is no escape from as they prey on the soul from the deepest depths.

Powerless (The Imperfect Birth Part 2)
The final track of this cruel and heartless 9 track album it literally gasps for breath as it imposes its caustic frenzy on the aural cavities and leaves one in a state of riotous pleasure.

This album was born to kill! Its unadulterated vivaciousness is untamed and wild. Far reaching and bold in delivery it pushes the boundaries to their limits. Definitely to the more extreme end of the scale if indeed it does have an end?  The thrills for me personally lie with the gruff vocal edge that imposes its nauseous and repugnant, vile secretions directly to eager ears in order to wrap it in a futile and abhorrent swathe so there is no escape. It is a total mind fuck moment you can bask in it or die in it, either way it is a good way to go! So let your hair down and bathe in the beauty of the moment no matter how rancid it is.

  1. Funeral Passage
  2. Inner Abyss (The Imperfect Birth)
  3. Gazoline And Smoked Bones
  4. Led By Voices (All About Ron F)
  5. They Wait In Silence
  6. Yggr, The Mountain
  7. Neurotic Murder
  8. Roots Above My Head
  9. Powerless (The Imperfect Birth Part 2)

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jul 18, 2015

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