Calico System - They Live

Calico System started in the summer of 1998 in St. Louis (USA) as a group of friends. Nowadays in 2005 they release their album "They Live" of which they worked over the last 2 years while touring and playing live. 10 tracks of a mixture of hardcore and emo, also a blend op metal can be found. Vocals are clean and singing although the aggressive shouter is passin by. Tempo of the songs are mid tempo with other passages as well. Their songs are written with a more commercial breakout as it is not too heavy or aggressive but songs that can stick in your mind easily.

1. They Live
2. Running With Scissors
3. Venomous Lipstick
4. Ballad of Mr. Gachot
5. The Apporition
6. In Our Way
7. This is Goodbye
8. A Heap of Broken Images
9. Eva Braun
10. Transforming the Amber
Alveran Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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