Calm Hatchery - Fading Reliefs

So, death metal from Poland... Few people not knowing that Poland is the place of extreme metal movement and strong death metal, black metal, and other bands. The guys from Calm Hatchery also keep the bar on top despite their relatively young age. I inquired and learned from the information that I was able to find about them that many of them are not newcomers and participated in other metal projects.

The members themselves over-modest in interviews and say they do not pretend to some special status, and that perhaps there is someone’s influence in their music. But in my opinion, not one group does not arise without any influence generally. All this is the "Family Metal Tree" information was modified and reinterpreted.

If to search any parallels, I would say that in terms of harmonic distantly Calm Hatchery can be compared with Nile, as it is often used a similar melody (harmonic minor, and so on). Guitar solo reminded me a bit of solos from Andreas Kisser (Sepultura).

Therefore, once again, in spite of the relatively young age of the members in the band, on this album, we hear the music of formed and experienced musicians. Here you can find atmosphere, melody, brutality and technicality, as well as their own original findings.

For all the talk about influences, I would say that this band has individuality. At least, I personally would not make accurate and direct parallels between these guys and somebody else.

As far as I could tell from movies and track names, the guys did not chase the simple themes of their songs. In particular, the content of the songs are often touches upon the topic of the Second World War, for example, 'Bomby Nad Warszawa' from this album, 'Messerschmitt' and 'The Blood Of Stalingrad' from 'Sacrilege Of Humanity' (2010).

I listened to "Fading Reliefs" several times in a breathless rush, so I would not like to single out separate songs, despite some memorable discoveries, riffs and refrains. So - just listen and evaluate.

  1. Sun Of God
  2. Ilusory World
  3. Flaming Prophecies
  4. Blessing Of Mantra
  5. Bomben Uber Warschau
  6. The Eternal Cycle
  7. Awakening The State Of Bodhi
  8. In The Mids Of Nothingness
  9. Bomby Nad Warszawa

Reviewer: Vjedma
Dec 6, 2014

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