Cancer -Death Shall Rise

Another Death Metal unsung classic, well not exactly unsung more unavailible! Like To The Gory End, Death Shall Rise was out of print and extremly rare, you either paid a fortune for it online or if you were lucky you may have stumbled across a copy in a second hand shop where someone just sold their metal collection and the owner of the shop didn't know what they had on their hands.

Anyway on Death Shall Rise things more or less pick up where they left off with their last album. The band's line up is the same, Scott burns return's as producer. This time however James Murphey (ex Death,Obituary, Testament) handles all the lead guitar's and add's a bit of melody to the mix. Kicking off with the awesome "Hung, Drawn and Quartered" starting with keyboards and leading into the open chords then leading to a thrash section then going to a mid paced grove then going back to the begining! Glen Benton joins in during the chorus. We then get a one, two punch of "Tasteless incest" and "Burning Casket" which literally lead into each other if your not concentrating it will go on without you! Again this album is Traditional Death Metal I know I keep pointing out the obvious and it's because it was released in 1991 but it's the best way to get the idea of the sound across. If you think early Death, Obituary and the murky British-ness of Benediction or Bolt Thrower. As much shredding and fast parts there are there is equally as many parts with groove, such the chorus of the title track and there's also lots of slow sludgy parts through the album also which lets the faster parts breathe. The album comes with two bonus live tracks which do sound awesome and better then the studio takes when push comes to shove.

All in all Death Shall Rise is a logical follow on from To The Gory End, a bit cleaner sounding, a bit more refined song writing, a little less splatter. If To The Gory end was Scream Bloody Gore then Death Shall Rise was Leprosy in terms of sound. However the other side of the coin is that the songs aren't quite as immidiate or in your face as the previous album and it does drag in places but that doesn't take too much away from it. (the urgency and energy of To the Gory End may have something to do with the fact that the whole thing was recorded in four days which I just read!) It's still a highly enjoyable album. Just like the previous album it's great that this album is back on the market.

  1. Hung Drawn & Quartered
  2. Tasteless Incest
  3. Burning Casket
  4. Death Shall Rise
  5. Back From The Dead
  6. Grusome Tasks
  7. Corpse Fire
  8. Internal Decay
  9. Hung Drawn & Quartered (live)
  10. Blood Bath (live)


Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 13, 2014

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