Cancer - The Sins Of Mankind

The third of the Cancer reissue's The Sins Of Mankind. Throughout any discussion concerning Cancer a word that keeps coming up is "Under rated" but "Under rated" is what describes this gem perfectly. While Cancer's first two albums are often under rated classics this album gets no press at all today and it's a shame because it's actually the best of the three!

This album sees the addition of Barry Savage on lead guitar and production handled by Simon Efemy. I think the album benefitted massively from getting a British producer. SImon brought to the forefront Cancer's individual sound. Barry Savages leads don't quite match up to James Murphey's but not alot of guitarist's do. He is however a competent lead player and hold's his own.

The band are just on fire on this album. Carl Stokes is all over the drum kit. The Riffs are here, there and everywhere. There's slightly odd time signatures. The fire and Urgency which was lacking on Death shall rise has returned ten fold. There's next to no slow sections on this album, it just blazes past. The slow sludgy parts may have gone but the groove sections are a plenty just listen to "Patchwork Destiny" or "Meat Train" it's absolutely scorching. There is, however a nice acoustic interlude at the beginning of "At the End" The thrash metal element in the bands sound is more prominent on this also. It walks that fine line between Death and Thrash like Solstice do on their class debut (and Pray for that matter.) The album finishes with a two part epic "Tribal Bloodshed"

All in all this is my favorite of the three reissued albums. The first two may be classics in the Death Metal field but this is Cancer's Masterpiece.

  1. Cloak Of Darkness
  2. Electro-convulsive Therapy
  3. Patchwork Destiny
  4. Meat Train
  5. Suffer For Our Sins
  6. Pasture Of Delights/At The End
  7. Tribal Bloodshed part 1 The Conquest
  8. Tribal Bloodshed part 2 Under The Flag


Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 12, 2014

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