Cancrena - Underneath

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWHO!!!!!! From the 1st track, chair hit the wall, desk flipped over, holes in the wall, elbow in the floor. First few notes, sounded alot like EXHORDER, then alittle more PANTERA messhed with SEPULTURA. Bottom line..whoop ass thrash metal in the vein of the great south I live in. I sought them out on myspace only to find these rednecks playing southern metal...are from ITALY!!!!!! Only confirming what I have told everyone, we are all souther red necks. Embrace Cancrena, if you dig Pantera, Exhorder, A Perfect Murder, you will love these guys. Underneath is an opus of Pit-tacular perportions.

1. From The South
2. Dummies Of The Screen
3. The Sponger
4. Obscene Slammers
5. 6 Hours
Kick Agency
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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