Candlemass - Psalms For The Dead

You all know Candlemass. Anyone with even a vague knowledge of Metal’s less mainstream genres such as Doom Metal knows of them and of their achievements. After twenty-eight years it is fair to say that Candlemass have done it all and are now at a stage where they are fully comfortable with what they do and now play for themselves. If they want to modify their style they can, and by and large their fans have loved every minute of what they release. ‘Psalms for the Dead’ marks the band’s eleventh full length album release and has a hard job ahead of it following the extremely well received 2009 opus of ‘Death Magic Doom’. So what better way to kick off proceedings with the down tuned doom metal bombshell that is ‘Prophet’ and its old school epic doom metal melodies. Instantly catchy sing along lyrics, powerful riff-age and a no holds barred ethos, Candlemass hit the ground well and truly sprinting with this album.

As you would expect from any Candlemass release, ‘Psalms For The Dead’ is jam-packed with a deep sense of foreboding, drama, and tension. Their sound is as epic and dramatic as it has ever been and the album positively drips with quality and substance. The musicianship is as always of the very highest order and some of the guitar solos are mind-blowing in their complexity, and the song structures, pace changes and break downs are all utilized to perfection. At no time does the attention waver and at no time does the album become boring or tiresome, just the opposite in fact as ‘Psalms For The Dead’ keeps a constant iron fist like hold upon you. Candlemass have many years of experience as previously mentioned and they really have used this to remain one of the front-runners of the worldwide Doom Metal scene and this album will ensure and bolster their legendary status even further.

  1. Prophet
  2. The Sound Of Dying Demons
  3. Dancing In The Temple (Of The Mad Queen Bee)
  4. Waterwitch
  5. The Lights Of Thebe
  6. Psalms For The Dead
  7. The Killing Of The Sun
  8. Siren Song
  9. Black As Time

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst
Jun 13, 2012
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