Cannabis Corpse - Below The Grow Lights

Cannabis Corpse traditionally pay homage to weed and you guessed it, Cannibal Corpse. Now they have someone else in their sights in terms of parody on their third full album release, that being Morbid Angel and Deicide looking at the track titles. The weed content obviously stays but I do feel this band has outgrown its own gimmick.

The Florida death metal “roots” are perfectly smoked during ‘Lunatic Of Pot’s Creation’, and ‘Blame It On Bud’ really does go close if not exactly the same as the Deicide equivalent style. The solo on the latter features, shredding, harmonising parts and a there is no evidence of the “pot” slowing the fingers of the guitarist and bassist. I cannot help comparing directly to these aforementioned influences when I listen to this music. This record is justified in its authenticity; each musical burst of energy (especially during ‘Immortal Pipes’), each note perfect display and low end gruff voice note bellowed really speaks volumes for this bands art and talent. Whilst the gimmick and theme is entertaining, the band manages to create their own pieces of death metal magic under the hazy remnants of wacky tobacco smoke. Never mind firing on all cylinders, fire up the bong and take a drag….’Below The Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise’ is a good few ounces of traditional Floridian death metal, wonderfully executed and by the blessing of the weed, things will be not be too cloudy for this band in terms of popularity and strong accolade in the time to come, great work guys.

  1. Visions From The Dank Side
  2. Lunatic Of Pot’s Creation
  3. Blame It On Bud
  4. Chapel Of Bowls
  5. Dead By Bong
  6. Immortal Pipes
  7. Where The Kind Lives
  8. Sworn To The Bag
  9. Blaze Of Torment
  10. Gateways To Inhalation
  11. Slave To The Chron
  12. Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 4, 2011
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