Cannibal Accident - Nekrokluster

With a name that sounds like the title of an 80's horror flick, Finland's monstrous Cannibal Accident present their fourth album offering in their gruesome discography, "Nekrokluster". A combination of brutal death metal and grindcore is essentially what Cannibal Accident are. Add a dollop of personality with a hint of comedy and "Nekrokluster" is the outcome. The album is thirty minutes long, but barely outstays its welcome. Filled with movie samples and a decent enough production for modern metal heads to jump head first into a new, delicious offering of death metal.

The album's CD artwork doesn't really draw any attention to what the record brings, in fact it appears almost like a Cannibal Corpse album cover if it was attempted by an infant, unfortunately letting the band down since it's the first noticeable part of the release, saying that - It does go hand in hand in with the B-movie horror side of things. However, the music itself makes up for any shoddy artwork here. Brutal is not the word, as this album pushes almost every extreme metal genre down your throat, but focuses on death/grind. As a side note, the vinyl has different artwork.

The death metal factors of the record are pretty standard in terms of your usual meat-and-potatoes blast beats, swampy riffs and super guttural vocals with the occasional grindcore barks, yelps and burps. The grind elements offer a faster approach with no messing around, short-ish tracks so you don't get bored. Ultimately, there's plenty to offer the listener among the album, as each track redeems qualities different from the previous. And whilst Cannibal Accident are definitely a new band in my sights, I'm certain this won't be the final time their name will be brought to my attention.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Coprofeeling
2. Wonderwall Of Death
3. Let This World Be Done
4. The Meanest Fish To Swim With
5. Totem Crucifix
6. Delete The Elite
7. The Unholy See
8. Mellank├Âttbullar
9. Sexual Matador
10. Corpse Positivity
11. Manipulative Violence
12. Travelling Through Flesh
13. Speedspring
14. Kindergarten Fritzl
15. Maggot Nest
16. Haista Vittu Ihminen
17. Head On A Stick (Kemper Trilogy Part 2: The Obsession)