Cannibal Corpse - Gallery Of Suicide

The cover art to this release is as expected from a Cannibal Corpse release - GORY!!! Well this entire concoction deserves much praise because there isn't a track on here that isn't innovative, boring, or repetitive. As the guitars fading in on the track 'I Will Kill You' which is their opener dives deep into brutal B-flat tuned riffs by Owen and O'Brien along with Corpsegrinder's deep vocals though variations occur in which he screams some to these ever mutilating lyrics.

A lot of people consider Chris Barnes as being a better choice in terms of vocals for CC but I beg to differ on that. Barnes is good, entirely deep throat bellowing spewed forth whereas I think Corpsegrinder has more variety i.e. faster deep throat bellowing and as a variation he hits the higher end screams as well. This is especially evident on 'Gallery of Suicide'... His vocals goes in good synchrony with the music. There is one instrumental track here on 'Gallery of Suicide' which offers variation ('From Skin to Liquid').

All members on this release contribute something as in either lyrics, music and vocal patterns. In comparison to CC's previous material and more recent I'd have to say 'Gallery of Suicide' is one of their strongest releases to date. Though I highly esteem 'Butchered at Birth' it is literally a toss-up as to which album is better. I'm going to have to say 'Gallery of Suicide' because it is more technical in musical structures, better variation on vox, stronger drum flurries, and lyrics that fit excellent with the music.

Even though I highly esteem all of the tracks on here I'd have to conclude that the first 4 are the strongest, most memorable, and contain the best synchrony (all music and lyrics combined). But be sure to check out 'I Will Kill You' and "Disposal of the Body" to get a feel for what you're in for with this classic release. 'Gallery of Suicide' IS death metal played at its finest!

1. I Will Kill You
2. Disposal Of The Body
3. Sentenced To Burn
4. Blood Drenched Execution
5. Gallery Of Suicide
6. Dismembered And Molested
7. From Skin To Liquid
8. Unite The Dead
9. Stabbed In The Throat
10. Chambers Of Blood
11. Headless
12. Every Bone Broken
13. Centuries Of Torment
14. Crushing The Despised

Metal Blade Records
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 8, 2010

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