Canonis - Apple Of Discord

Another release from Russian doomlabel Solitude Productions. Canonis is a long running band (since the mid 90's) and they released some demos and singles from which the best songs are compiled on this CD. First of all, this is not really doom metal, more some kind of gothic rock with folk influences and all songs have a different touch and musical approach which makes it quite interesting for fans of these genres.

The music is basically keyboard orientated flowing over programmed drums with some additional acoustical guitars and flute melodies and has a typical romantic  atmosphere. There are some subtle details in the songs but mostly the music provides a the support for the female vocals, probably by two different singers. The gothic vocals are well done and can match with the more famous in the gothic rock/metal style and provide a good flow in the songs while the folk songs are done by a total different female singer and sung in Russian. All in all some catchy tunes on this disc and the production is good and has this electronic vibe which almost makes it poppy, but still interesting enough for fans of gothic rock with touch of folk.

1. Apple Of Discord
2. Memoria Vasta
3. Àðõàèì
4. Õîëîäíîå Ìîðå
5. Snow River
6. The Aquarell
7. Amalgama

BadMoodMan Music
Reviewer: Nydoom
Aug 31, 2010

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