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Hailing from Texas is the doom/sludge band Canyon Of The Skull and their new debut self-titled CD is something that is sure to be talked about on the many paths of sorrow and desolation. Being and instrumental album, It is so easy to just put this CD on with the volume cranked up and just proceed to get lost amongst the rumbling waves of doom. On top of that, this CD has only 2 songs with a total running time of over 35 minutes, so if you love long songs, you are sure to find this release quite enjoyable.

Right from the get go, this release is in your face. There are no intros to start this one off. Only classic doom style riffs with a new generation style of delivery which puts everything right in your face. As far as the tone of the guitar goes, it has a certain amount of “bite” and “crunch” to it, but not in an overwhelming sense. Some chords are even drawn out where deemed necessary which adds a sense of the ethereal to these tracks. To make it even more interesting, there are even hints of classical heavy metal embedded within the song structure, giving the tunes a little more depth. The bass guitar is at a perfect level for this release it is a bit prominent in some areas to make things a little more bottom heavy which, in the genre of sludgy doom metal, can only mean good things. What I really love about this release is the drumming. In all seriousness, this guy is all over the place. For a doom metal drummer this guy has some serious skills behind his kit. To some it might seem as if he has no direction, but when you tie in the other aspects of the music, you finally understand his madness and appreciate his drumming skills even more. When you hear this guy do his thing, there is no doubt that you will understand that he definitely has an extensive background in drumming. He definitely keeps things exciting throughout the 35 minute duration of this release. This is definitely something that every doom metal fan needs in their collection. This is definitely for anyone who likes Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Ahab, Ocean Chief, Count Raven, Confessor and many other bands such as these. This is the type of release that will make you appreciate instrumental bands on a much deeper level. The artistry contained within this release is phenomenal and surpasses many professional releases on the market today.

This is an independent release, and a damn good one at that. The packaging and layout are pretty good considering, which goes to show that this is a band that takes pride in what they do. It not only shows in their music, but also in the visual aspects of the release. I really enjoyed this release, and I know that anyone who loves sludge/doom metal will also appreciate this as much as I do. So, I urge you all to search out this release and let it all soak in. Let it ultimately be absorbed by your soul.

  1. The Path (Of Bear & Wolf)
  2. Canyon Of The Skull

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 19, 2016

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