Capharnaum - Fractured

Capharnaum (U.S.A.) come close to machinery with precision and technicality. This is very tight technical & thrashing deathmetal with a lot of melodic guitarloops sounding ultra tight but still holding the feel of virtuosity. The speedpicking is varied with the more at ease guitarparts leaving room for soloing and some harmony. Drums easily follow the crazy riffing and changes in tempo with technical yet brutal beating adding unmistakable intensity. Vocals are in your face screaming with aggression creating a modern touch to this. Great songwriting performed brutally precise combining melody and technique with aggression.

1. Ingrained
2. Fractured
3. Perpetuate catatonia
4. Machines
5. Icon of malice
6. Reins of humanity
7. The scourge trial
8. Refusal
Earache Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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