Car Bomb - Centralia

Yeah, definitely out of the box -- When Car Bomb play they seem to speak almost a sort of musical language of machines which of course requires that a band play at a machine-like level of precision and tightness which they do and that in itself is an awesome thing to behold.

Car Bomb just refuse to bore you -- plenty of surprises around every corner, different song structures, excellent dynamic range, schizo tempo changes and noises from their instruments they probably aren't supposed to make -- just amazing!!!

Car Bomb are the story of two metal bands, Neck and Dungeon, rehearsal studio neighbors who just couldn't say goodbye, two bands who merged as one for the greater good of metal, and their sound is part of the recently-formed tradition of bands such as Meshuggah and Between The Buried and Me -- you can call them Tech Rock or Math Rock and the shoe will fit. Add just a lil' touch of soul like a God Forbid, Killswitch Engage or Diecast type of thing and there you have it -- a thoroughly entertaining collection of songs in the form of "Centralia."

1. Pieces Of You
2. H5N1
3. Solid Grey
4. Cielo Drive
5. Hypnotic Worm
6. His Eyes
7. M^6
8. Best Intentions
9. Cellophane Stiletto
10. Rid
11. Gum Under The Table
Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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