Carcariass - Killing Process

The name Carcariass comes from Carcharodon Carcharias, the Latin name of the great white shark, which gives you some idea of what is contained on this CD.

The first track ‘Watery Grave’ takes the audial by storm with a run of magical notes that explode into a metal chug, gouging deeply and then burrowing feverishly, accompanied by a harsh throaty vocal edge that screams vengeance! Not a bad start, plus there is a certain amount of melody that keeps it focused and of course plenty of technical prowess which oozes from its very core.

The second track ‘Tragical End’ is but a blur as the frets are established and come into their own. The sonic beats and perpetual rhythms are engaging and bordering on absolute madness. ‘Killing Process’ the bands title track is a seething mass of riffs that swamp the senses with overwhelming ferocity, as it chugs away to its heart content – this instrumental is simply stunning! ‘Mortal Climb’ is a lot harder edge and bounces with vehement agitation. Its epidemic of riffs brood with outstanding and excitable qualities. ‘Earth in Sorrow’ stirs up emotions with one of their most heartfelt offerings yet, but sadly is only one minute and five seconds long, so not enough time to fully engage. ‘Winds of Death’ endeavours to create a potent, coaxing persuasion that licks the ears with pleasing sounds. Eagerly biting with intense lures that demand attention, and don’t forget that passionate vocal barrage, it’s all too addictive for words! ‘Burn in Peace’ is another brooding track that embellishes the senses with a forthright rhythm oozing in skilfully raw intensity, all be it a little repetitive, but under its layers is a superb track that feeds a hungry imagination. ‘Under Concrete’ smouldering tones burn fiercely and makes way for another superb encounter of tech metal with melody! Conjuring up an atmospheric saga. ‘Lost in Agony’ is inspired by a dream-like structure of riffs that compel, with subsequent steely imagination holding flirtatious rhythms and is a whole lot more than just an epic track. ‘Sideral Torment’ rewards the listener with some deep emotional riffs that bonds them to the music like superglue. Its chugs are ferocious and untamed. This remastered track takes no prisoners and is heartily virulent with its wind tunnel vocal supremacy. ‘Revender’ is a well-balanced track that goes in with its eyes open and all guns blazing! Its melodic heart is stunning as well as alluring with rumbustious rhythms that are catchy and holding plenty of addictive qualities that will make your head spin let alone bang! ‘Domination’ is a spindly track consisting of bass from the off and then runs into a climate of pure bristling riffs that again are excitable and flirtatious.

This is certainly one album to get excited about providing you love technical death metal – if not you lose! The whole album evolves before your ears, holding extreme catchiness, power and methodical riffs that gallantly engage – no reason not to buy this amazing album unless you are tone deaf!

“This album will rip you to shreds, guaranteed!”

  1. Watery Grave
  2. Tragical End
  3. Killing Process
  4. Mortal Climb
  5. Earth In Sorrow
  6. Winds Of Death
  7. Burn In Peace
  8. Under Concrete
  9. Lost In Agony