Carceri - The Good Must Suffer The Wicked

Extreme Death Metal is the best music to listen to while break chairs and putting a holes in the living room wall with a sledge hammer. While you are doing those destructive actions I highly recommend listening to Carceri. Coming from the Netherlands this group of extreme Death Metal dudes know how to make heavy music. Their full-length release, “The Good Must Suffer the Wicked” is a brutal creation. Lyrically and musically the album is dark and intense in almost every area of production. The musicianship stands out amongst all the members in this band. I personally enjoy the drumming on this album because the double bass beat attack creates some wicked sounding rhythms. Accompanying the incredible Death Metal drumming is guitar riffs that keep the head banging. I am a huge fan of solid heavy Death Metal riffs that can definitely be heard in the all guitar parts on this album. My only problem is the lack of long guitar solos. Lead guitar parts are one of my elements to listen to in a song. Now the solos a not horrible in any sense and the guitarist has a tremendous shredding style. I just wish the band could have expanded certain parts to let the lead guitarist show off his amazing skill. Vocally this album took me by surprise because I am usually not a fan of the death growls, but for some reason I like this singer’s vocal approach. When listening to the vocals I hear influences from classic Death Metal bands like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, and Death. His lyrical phrasing is really impressive too and the songs are well structured around powerful lyrical themes. 

The first track “Beneath Me” is an awesome song that gives the listener a small taste of what is to come. I notice the songs on this album get heavier as the album progresses. By track five “Dominance” the production quality is extremely loud that my ears are ringing. The riff in that song is loud and played in an aggressive manner. At the end of the song the vocals kick it into over growl mode while all the other instruments keep up a lightening fast pace. There is not one dual moment on this album and I think the consistency is well worth praise. My favorite song on this album is the last track “The Great Black Hunter.” I even recommend listening to this song first because the composition is amazing with a wide range of different metal styles. The guitar parts have a thrash edge to them which mixed with the death metal style makes an evil sounding riff. During the guitar solo I detect some Slayer elements with the crazy picking and harmonic squeals. Overall a bad ass Death Metal song that is creative and incorporates influences with a fresh take on them. 

Listening to this album I hear well thought out intense music that is lacking in the music world. From the opening song to the last the instruments and vocals maintain a heavy nature. I do hear large majority of Death Metal bands coming out trying to capture the classic extreme Death Metal sound and Carceri is a band that mixes the classic elements with their own face smashing style. This album is not an innovation, but I believe the music is highly proficient especially with some of the crap coming out today. Carceri’s new album is well worth picking up if you are a fan of intense extreme Death Metal. Heavy music is hear to stay and this album is the proof.


  1. Beneath Me
  2. Old & Withered
  3. Mea Culpa
  4. Bloodstorm
  5. Dominance
  6. The Good Must Suffer The Wicked
  7. Septum Defect
  8. The Great Black Hunter