Cardiac Arrest - Cadaverous Presence

This band belts out some serious old school death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse. The songs are filled with all different time signatures and some even hyper blasts! The leads feature mostly sweeps, arpeggios, etc. Vocal wise it's Adam Scott (lead guitar/lead vocals) belting out some deep throat. Tom (rhythm guitar/vocals), Dave (bass/vocals) and Jim (drums/vocals) also contribute some high end screams for variety.

What I like about this album is that there is no compromise musically speaking. These guys are passionate about what they do produce which is this old school sound, gruesome lyrics, and awesome production. The music just flows with all sorts of riffs... I think that these guys will be around for a while belting out non-compromising works. I haven't heard their debut yet but I'm sure it's in the same vein of this release.

Guitars are way tuned down I think to B-flat to produce the lowest form of "death rot" as they call it type of music. The whole album is filled with tons of awesome sounds. One riff in particular sounds a bit like Slayer's
'Mandatory Suicide' at least the intro part of that song. It's what it reminds me of at least.

None of the lyrics are in this insert but you can read a few on their main web site. They sing mostly about gore, horror, etc. Amazing that this band has been around since 1997! Now with an awesome lineup they've produced some work which is definitely worth checking out.

After several listens to this album, I would say that Cardiac Arrest needs more attention from those into the Old School style of death metal. The reason is because a lot of bands over the years change their style and go to crap musically. Cardiac Arrest doesn't seem like a band that will follow this path. They're going to be around a lot longer than most of these style of bands.

Songs that are really worth checking out are 'In His Name They Spill Blood' and the title track. Honestly, I thought the whole album was killer. I'm just more into the guitar's sound than anything. Adam seriously shreds on
pretty much all tracks. I like the variety in the vocals too. It isn't just low end bellowing like old Cannibal Corpse via Chris Barnes era.

  1. The Inevitable

  2. Cadaverous Presence

  3. You Beg For Mercy... I Beg For more

  4. The Process Of Self Mutilation

  5. What Lurks Therein

  6.  In His Name They Spill Blood

  7. The Atrocity Circle

  8. E-Viper-Ate

  9. Fleshed Together

  10. Out From The Womb... A Freak

  11. Make Them Die Slowly

  12. Contamination Breed

  13. Among Us

Epitomite Productions
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 8, 2010

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