Cardiac Arrest - Haven For The Insane

I have to admit I was really really pleased and excited to see I had the new Cardiac Arrest album to review!! Having been labelmates with them over at the legendary Will Rahmer's (Mortician/NYDM) Redrum Records and being a fan since then, I knew what was cookin' on this cd. And It smelt good!!!

Cardiac Arrest are a no frills, punch your face in heavy, death grind band from Chicago and this is their debut for John Mcentee's (Incantation)  Ibex Moon Records. Its worth sayin that this album is delivered in an unrelenting fashion - raw and coarse reminiscing of Abscess and Autopsy but far far more intense! In the mix I hear early early Exhumed ala demo days and of course, Gore Metal. That saying, these guys throw absolutely everything in the mix circa late 80s to mid 90s death metal and im talking of bands like Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Morbid Angel. All rammed down your earholes at once!!! With a huge helping of blastbeats... Hows that sound to you all? Good Good.
All joking aside this is one ferocious cd. Its rawness allows for everything to be heard with great clarity without comprimising any of the filth. The vocals sound like a person getting dragged down the corridors of hell. Its hard to pin a vocal inspiration for Guitarist vocalists, Adam Scott and Tom Knizer, for their vocal ranges are huge! seering high screeches to abyss deep guttural vocals. There really is something for all fans of death metal and grind on here and in my opinion should greatly appeal to 2 audiences. The song writing here is nothing short of catchy I promise you, you will be singing it to yourself later on in the day! I am also really pleased that Cardiac Arrest have maintained there close touch with the underground and kept it old school looking with the cover art. It looks fantastic granted I do prefer previous albums artwork but this new one will look superb on a shirt!! Its worth mentioning that the song "Haunted Remnants" is a re-recorded version exclusive to this fulllength.

Now as you could well imagine I havent said a bad thing about this... well truth is I cant... its that good. You need to own this. Easily the best cd I heard in along time. And it really is worth your while buying this as it comes with a dvd live and interview featurette clocking in at a cool 54 mins. Extremely filthy death grind at it's absolute best and another fine release from the Ibex guys which should be a landmark for them.

1. Insanity's Grip
2. Mind And Body Deteriorated
3. Against Their Will
4. Paralyzed With Fear
5. Haunted Remnants
6. Embrace The Aftermath
7. Twitching At The Noose
8. Rage On... Fuck Off
9. Extinction Endured
10. Affliction Of The Beast
11. Unearhtly Pleasures
12. The Blade That Reaps

Ibex Moon Records
Reviewer: Connor
Jul 25, 2010

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