Cardiac Arrest - Morgue Mutilations

For a debut release, Cardiac Arrest simply sticks with the old school death metal sound and conquers it. The album has all of the elements that make this genre sound revived again. I haven't heard this type of Metal from any newer bands really. It is a good refreshing sound to hear this being played as it is on here.

In terms of the riffs and music overall it sounds like B-flat tuned guitars by Adam Scott (lead guitar/lead vocals) who plays some complex rhythms as well as some slower ones too. So it isn't just blast beating by Jim Deabenderfer (drums/vocals). Their tempos vary. Dave "Amsterdamn" Holland (bass/vocals) makes a solid effort here as well. The leads by Adam are really awesome. I mean they're filled with arpeggios, speed picking, tapping, and whammy bar inductions that stagger the imagination.

The vocals are mainly deep throat by Adam spewing out gore filled lyrics with Jim and Dave on backup vox. Everything seems to fit here I mean the music, the production, etc. They don't play just boring death metal. These guys mix the blast beating with slower tempos that totally kick ass. I'm assuming that this was their goal here was to stagger the listener with sheer death rot.

All of the songs really deserve praise because these guys simply know how the hell to redefine old school death metal. Some of their songs which have some ghastly radio intros spewing forth inappropriate words which mixes well with what these guys sing about. That would be mostly horror, gore, etc. It's a shame that the album is just a bit under 40 minutes in length. I would've liked to hear a more lengthy sound of their music!

There aren't any songs here that are just mediocre. I'd say all of them deserve praise because the bass/drums/guitars are just awesome. It's amazing that they were able to fit in everything so much to a point to where all of it rules. Honestly, the first time that I heard this I was like "damn, I need to listen to this at least 10 times"! The talent these guys possess is incredible. The song titles are pretty brutal which fits with their death rot signatures.

Check out their MySpace page here: You can also visit their main web site at Be sure to pick up this album first then their latest which is called "Cadaverous Presence". The reason is because "Morgue Mutilations" will give you some idea as to how these guys sound if I haven't already made myself clear about that. Once you get it, then pickup their latest.

This genre according to Cardiac Arrest will never die. I hope that they will inspire more bands to get in this kind of sound kicking yet again. Do yourself a favor and get "Morgue Mutilations"...You'll understand more of what I'm talking about. Way kick ass songs. Check out the track "Carnage Your Fate" on their MySpace page and you'll get a little gist of what I've been raving about in this review.

  1. I See Red

  2.  Into The Woodchipper

  3. Forbidden Passage

  4. Carnage Your Fate

  5. Ridding As I Carve

  6. Beyond Trauma

  7. As The Dead Pillage

  8. Gutted With A Shovel

  9. Stiffs In The Basement

  10. Breathing In The Dirt

Redrum Records
Reviewer: Death8699
Aug 8, 2010

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