Cardiac Arrest - Vortex Of Violence

Achieving that "live" sound again but less intensely than on "Haven For The Insane", "Vortex Of Violence" is a bit heavier than its predecessor. Clearer sounding production as well so you can hear the riffs better, but they are way distorted along with that B-flat tuning to their guitars. Even the bass guitar is audible and the drums convey a slight ting of "reverb" to their sound. Jim was on the set for this recording, but Nick is his replacement. We will discuss "Vortex Of Violence" now in detail.

First of all, the riffs on the guitars reflect that to some of Dismember, but heavier. They are more intrinsic than on their previous release. Their main focus it seems in death metal is to stand out as one brutal sound along with brutal lyrics. It seems to fit with their lyrical topics. There's variety in the vocal department. Tom does some screaming and Adam handles the low, bellowing vocals. Everything seems to flow fluently on here and another solid release to say the least.

I'm not biased because I live in Chicago, but I dig this Chicago-based band. No release is without flaws. However, "Vortex Of Violence" is one helluv a good death metal album. The tremolo picked riffs and chords are frequently put out plus the tempos are for the most part fast featured with plenty of blast beating. It is the intensity on how they put together some tremendously well accomplished death metal. Riffs are more brain striking and the better production makes them easier to get into.

The leads by Adam displays some utmost talent. Arpeggios, sweep picking, wah-pedal outputs along with intense tremolo picking make it sound effort on his part. Not every song on here is boldly fast, some fit the nature of a slower beating sound then increase in intensity. But the riffs are what stand out the most as explained. To compliment them is the variety on the vocals. Cardiac Arrest seems to be a growing band with each succeeding release.

If you dig death metal in a brutal sense, then "Vortex of Violence" is key to your collection. It features so much variety in riff structure, mature songwriting, leads that totally shred, and a mixing that flows deeply with everything well heard to blast your brain out to. A step up from their predecessor like I said and acquired the same amount of intensity here. No backing off in this ball out release. "Vortex Of Violence" is one death metal release that even I can't get sick of. Pick it up now!


  1. Portal of the Damned
  2. To Their Graves
  3. Relentless Pursuit
  4. Conjured Beings
  5. Primitive Lunacy
  6. Vortex of Violence
  7. The Depths of Despair
  8. Ritual Plague
  9. Subject to Torture
  10. Sacrifire
  11. The Last Thing That You See