Cardiac Necropsy - XVI

Cardiac Necropsy is a band from Singaporn. yes that is their declared nation of origin, and no, I can’t seem to find it on the map. HA HA HA HAA! Their newest release on Vrykoblast Productions is pure gore porn grind and the sickness factor has been dialed in extra quantities. Not only is this awesome CD full of the coolest guttural vox, but there is a sheer pleasure of wild beats and wacked out joy of kill-metal on this CD that is unrivaled. But the coolest thing about this CD is the awesome extra set of people-talking-moments between tracks. There are lines about daughters seducing fathers, mothers seducing sons, fist ramming, and whores. WOW! This is the perfect band for OFFICIAL BRUTALISM.COM BAND because it is fully engaged with the intertwining of pain and pleasure. Short review, but long on great feelings.

1. Sadomasoblast
2. Scumwhore Buttfuck 2.0
3. Bloodcum Bukkake
4. Double Dildo Deliverance
5. Incestuous Orgasmuz
6. Anal Aphrodiziac
7. A Necessary Necrophilia
8. Put Your Bits On Concrete Mix (cover Gorerotted)
9. My Purrfect Pornogurrl
10. Pungent Pussyblast
11. Analjuice
12. Incestico
13. Chainsaw Circumsision
14. Scumwhore Buttfuck
15. Cut Open & Fuck
16. Deepthroat
17. Choking On Cum
18. Bestial Fistfuck
19. Bloodsex & Saliva
20. Whorridify Whorekill
21. Desecrating The Vulva
22. Sadistic Bleeding
23. Prophecy Of A God That Doesn't Exist
Vrykoblast Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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