Cardinal - Baptized In Cum

Maybe this band in unknown to you but when you know that the guys are (ex)members of bands like Consolation, Unlord, Necrology, Putrefied and Nembrionic you know you are dealing with top musicians from the Dutch scene. Cardinal has the intent to create blasting insane extreme musick. And they succeed. Brutal and aggressive vocals, haemorraging drums and injurying guitars. If you want to know what destroys you in the future then take a listen to this band.


1. Baptized in blood
2. First anal communion
3. Fed by the insane
4. Horrific
5. Reincarnated in war through the ages
6. Rise above all we despise
7. Destroying the fifth and final sun
+ 6 remixes and 2 rerecorded tracks
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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