Carnal Decay - You Owe, You Pay

For many years I'm a fan of the Austrian extreme metal machine Mastic Scum and their brutal blend of death metal, hardcore and grind. I guess that's the reason why the fourth full-length album of the Swiss Carnal Decay appealed to me so much. Michael Kern (vocals), Isa Iten (guitars), Nasar Skriptishi (bass) and Markus Rothlisberger (drums) offer ten tracks filled with blastbeats, crushing breakdowns, fast/slow guitar riffs and roaring/guttural vocals plus some hardcore shouts on tracks like 'No Sequel' and 'Trick Or Treat'.

Every single track on "You Owe, You Pay" is of a high quality with my personal favourites being 'Your Guts, My Glory' (with double vocal attack of grunts and roars) and 'Murder A La Carte' which includes several different extreme metal genres. The sound production is on a very good level and the cover artwork is real fun.

Carnal Decay have returned with a very strong album and in case you are into high quality extreme metal then you should definitely check this out!

  1. No Sequel
  2. Until You Die
  3. Decimating The Living
  4. Show Your Fucking Face
  5. Murder A La Carte
  6. Not Worth A Bullet
  7. Your Guts My Glory
  8. Freed From The Leash
  9. I Crush Your Dreams
  10. Trick Or Treat